Thursday, March 25, 2010


This morning I witnessed one of the more humorous things that I have seen in awhile. Owen had a swim lesson at the Rec. Center in a near-by suburb. There is a lap pool in addition to the leisure pool where Owen’s lesson takes place. The lap pool is used during the day primarily for water aerobics classes and is situated in a different area from the leisure pool. There is a wall of windows that divides the two pool areas so you can see from one pool to the other what is going on. I dried Owen off when his lesson ended and was preparing to take him into a changing room to get out of his swim shorts. I had noticed that there was a water aerobics class taking place but didn’t give it any thought. As we are about to walk into the hallway towards the locker rooms, I noticed a long string of young men, in Speedos, walking into the lap pool area. I do a double take since this isn’t something you normally see at this pool in the middle of a Thursday morning in March. All of the Speedos matched and then I realize, this is not a high school swim team…this is a college swim team. Come to find out, these young men were from Auburn University and they are in town for an NCAA meet being held at Ohio State. Apparently several teams are using the pool facilities at various public and private indoor pools throughout the city and its suburbs. So, I’m trying to paint this visual for you. Here are about 40 very fit, skimpily clad young men lining up to dive into the lap pool. All the while, there are also about half a dozen bosomy, somewhat overweight, senior citizen women bobbing up and down in the water to the beat of “Celebration” by KC and the Sunshine Band! I chuckled to myself and figured those ladies must have thought they hit the jackpot!

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