Monday, March 1, 2010

To Be Like Sally

What year was it that Sally Field won an Oscar and as she began her acceptance speech she said, "You like me.  You really do like me!"?  That speech has been replayed and parodied dozens of times over the years.  And, yes, it does seem a bit crazy to stand up on a stage and gush those words.  But, every so often, I begin to have those very same feelings that Sally had.  Okay, not as passionately as Sally said it, but, just the same.  I've had some awfully kind words sent my way lately and it just feels good.  One thing I've learned throughout life, is to accept a compliment graciously.  Simply say "Thank you."

No, no one has told me they like my hair cut or a particular outfit.  Rather, it's my blog.  I have had several people over the last few weeks tell me how much they like my blog.  It feels good to hear that.  I have always loved writing.  When I was in elementary school, my friends and I would write and illustrate books.  I can still see the lined notebook paper, torn into equal-sized pieces and stapled together.  Sometimes I'd get ultra-creative and "sew" the pages together with colored yarn.  Generally, the storyline of these "books" centered around my friends and me and the usual plot was who was going over to whose house for a sleepover and what were we going to do when we got there.  I know.  Riveting material.  Best seller list material for sure.  As I got into my teenage years, I remember I attempted to write a script for a soap opera.  Quality viewing material for a 13 year old, I realize.  In my mind's eye, I see myself sitting in Mr. Evans' 7th grade science classroom, classmates gathered 'round my desk while I read the latest "episode" to my drama.  My last attempt at "writing" was in high school.  One summer I had a job in an office and during the down-time, I would utilize the typewriter (I'm dating myself here) to tap out what could have been the beginning to the next "Great American Novel."  Writer's block ensued and I went off to college and I never attempted writing again except for actual writing assignments, of course.  The quarter I graduated from Ohio State I took a class that I dearly loved.  It was called "Persuasive Commuications."  The professor was good and very encouraging.  The final paper was not a cake-walk, but I received an A and she gave me the most positive feedback, encouraging me as a writer.  I never did anything after that.  I was practical, got a job, paid my bills, got married, worked some more, had three babies, and now...I begin to write again.  When people comment to me about my blog and tell me how good they think it is, it feels good; like I am getting those encouraging words from my professor all over again.  Granted, these people are my friends; and friends say nice things to each other.  But, they could always just say nothing at all.  And you know what that means - "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."  How many of us heard that from our mothers and say it now to our own children?!

So to anyone who has read my blog and told me they like it - THANK YOU!  I appreciate your kind words and encouragement.  This blog is my therapy and release for all the thoughts that race through my mind, senseless as they may be at times.  By the way, it was 1985 when Sally Field made her famed acceptance speech for her part in the movie "Places in the Heart."  Little triva factoid for you.

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