Friday, April 16, 2010

Allergy Misery

My outdoor, nature-lovin' girl is a mess.  The tree pollen counts are off-the-charts this spring.  And, while the rest of the family is enjoying the warm, dry spring weather here in central Ohio, playing outside, going for walks and bike rides, my daughter is, regretfully, stuck inside her room, window closed, nose pressed against the glass, longing to be out with the rest of us. 

She forced herself to attend softball practice earlier this week.  She begged me to let her go to soccer practice the next night.  She is paying the price now.   I have been called to school twice this week to attend to her symptoms and offer some relief.  And, wouldn't you know it, this is the week that 4 days of proficiency testing was scheduled.  There's some irony in all this tree pollen aggravation since she has likely used a tree's worth of tissues just this week! 

Driving her home early from school yesterday, one eye nearly swollen shut, she asked me if I would take her to the doctor.  How many children ASK to go to the doctor?!  Without missing a beat, I pulled out my cell phone and called up the doc and was able to schedule an appointment for her later in the afternoon.  Jenna is now on prescription eye drops, prescription nasal spray and is continuing with her Zyrtec. 

As much I want my daughter to live near me when she is older, I am wondering if a different part of the country might be best for her.  Perhaps she will outgrow these pesky allergies as her body matures.  If not, she'll be darn sure not to plan her wedding in the spring or fall!

Jenna is my little poet.  I've shared some of her work before.  One morning this week before school, in a fit over her nose and a box of tissues, she declared, "MY NOSE IS ANNOYING!"  As sympathetic as I was for her, I couldn't help but burst out in laughter.  I told her she should write a poem about; try to find humor in an otherwise miserable circumstance.  So, we set to work over Cheerios and blueberries and this is what we wrote as a team:

My Nose Is Annoying
My nose is annoying,
It runs all the time.
And when it's not running,
It's clogged up big time.

My nose is annoying,
So I lay on my bed.
Mom fluffs up my pillows,
So I can prop up my head.

My nose is annoying,
I use lots of tissues.
I'm sneezing so much
I've lost count of the "Bless You's!"

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