Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dandelions: A growth industry in Ohio

Disclaimer:  I am never one to publicly talk politics or issues.  This little nugget of information came to my email in-box earlier today via an alumni notice from The Ohio State University.  I read it and was impressed and wanted to pass it along.  Afterall, we can all use a little educating!

Can you believe this?  Dandelions as an agricultural crop!?  I know many people, some who live in my neighborhood but shall remain nameless, that could call themselves farmers!  According to the article attached to the link below, the roots of a particular variety of dandelion that orignates from Russia, no less, can be used to make rubber.  Rubber!  And not just any rubber, but the super strong, extra durable kind used to make tires for airplanes and tractors.  We're not talking bicyle or lawn mower tires here.

This is big stuff.  In a world that is rapidly depleting its resources, it's great to come across information like this where institutions such as my dear alma mater, The Ohio State University, is utilizing valuable grant monies to research the use of dandelion roots to make rubber.  Read more through the link below and then be sure to vote accordingly on State Issue 1 on the May 4th ballot.

Dandelions: A growth industry in Ohio

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