Friday, June 11, 2010

Rain, Rain...Go AWAY!

Today.  The first day in a long time, certainly the first day since the kids' school year ended, that we have no appointments, classes, practices, parties or errands to tend to.  Jenna has a softball game later tonight, but that's easily manageable.  Yes, I have the ever-dreadful laundry task to give my attention to, but even that seems as commonplace as breathing these days.  I promised the kids that we would go to the pool today.  The weather forecast when I went to bed last night at 11pm said there was a 20% chance of pop up storms in the afternoon.

Well.  Let's just take a look outside and see how our 20% chance of a pop-up storm in the afternoon is looking at 10:30 am....

Doesn't look like pool weather, does it? 
Not at all. 
This stinks. 
In the toilet. 
Plans, kapoof!

Alright.  I'm done pouting now.  Plan B.

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