Monday, September 6, 2010

3 Day Birthday

A few years ago, Evan coined the term "three-day-birthday."  One year, he had some buddies over for an Indiana Jones movie themed birthday party wherein we transformed our finished basement into a movie theater.  That isn't part of the story though.  I digress.  Often.  Anyway, that party was on a Friday and then his actual birthday was on a Saturday, but we couldn't have family over that day because we had too many baseball and tball games going on.  So then we had family over to celebrate on Sunday. 

So you see the child's train of thought...celebrating his birthday, three days in a row, becomes the Three Day Birthday!  He was boastful and peacock'ish (is that a word?) strutting around his brother and sister commenting on how HE got to celebrate his birthday three days in a row.

As the following years have passed, we have had different variations of the Three Day Birthday.  Jenna had a Three Day Birthday recently, only it wasn't three days in a row.  It's hard to pull that one off.  Hard on the party planner anyways.  That would be me, in case you hadn't figured that part out yet.

I like to have Jenna's party with friends before school starts.  Things are so hectic in early September so doing it in late August is a good way for all of her friends to reconnect, compare school supply purchases and who was assigned which teacher and who is in whose class this year.  A regular old gab fest for 8 year olds!  So Jenna had a party at the pool a few weeks ago and then last weekend we had family over to celebrate and then, THEN, the big day finally arrived on Friday!

I brought a birthday treat in to school to share with her classmates and everyone sang to her in the cafeteria.  It was fun sitting with her and her friends eating lunch, knowing, these days are fleeting as she grows one year older each year.  When Jenna got home from school that afternoon, she was smiling as big as her face would allow.  She made an interesting observation.  "Mommy," she says, "when it's your birthday, everyone wants to play with you at recess."  Hmmm.  Birthday groupies, perhaps?

How many kids ask for fruit for their bday treat?!

We almost always go out to eat to celebrate our birthdays.  I like to have a break from the kitchen too!  After all, it's the day I gave birth, so I like to think the celebration is part mine as well!  The birthday person gets to pick the restaurant and Jenna picked Buca di Beppo!  Mmmm.  Pasta!  We had a fantastic time and now, my little girl is finally eight years old!  Happy Birthday Blondie!

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