Saturday, September 4, 2010


Last spring Kevin ran his first competitive race since high school.  He and some guys from work trained together and participated in a local 5K.  Jenna caught a glimpse of the kids doing the "Fun Run" at the beginning of the real race and she was quite miffed that we had not presented that opportunity to her.  We promised, upon her pleading, to sign her up for a race sometime soon. 

Sometime soon turned into late August, just a few days before school began.  Kevin (and again, some buddies from work) ran the 5K Panerathon a couple of weeks ago.  Jenna ran the kids race, which, according to her, was much too short.  She and I run a whole lot more when we get out in the evenings.  Our local town is having a 5K coming up at the end of September and Kevin is going to run that one too.  Jenna has a soccer game that morning, but we have promised to find a way to get her into the kid's race and then "race" to her game!  Even Evan, who hates running, is going to participate.  I think he gets some extra P.E. credit for doing it.
Love Panera!  They put out a HUGE spread post-race.
Bagel anyone?!
I would like to run one sometime, but I am fairly new to running, having just picked it up this summer with Jenna, so maybe later this fall I can find one for me.  Regardless, someone has to watch the kids, so I guess that's my "race!"
Kevin and Jenna before the race.
All smiles!  "I want to do that again!"

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