Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Random Thoughts on Random Subjects

A series of ordinary, extra-ordinary, mundane, interesting, unfortunate and silly events have taken place over the last few days.  Nothing that deserves a post of its own, but bears mentioning.  Of course, you might finish reading this and think to yourself, "Now that was a waste of my time!"  If you do have that thought, I apologize in advance.

1.   I promised an update on the "t-shirt incident," aka Operation "Lost."  Nearly an entire week passed before Evan ever noticed that both of his Phineas and Ferb t-shirts were missing.  I had them hidden away.  I would do load after load of laundry and he never questioned their absence.  At about the six day mark, Evan came to me and said, (please insert sarcastic 'tween attitude) "Really, Mommy?  You haven't washed my P & F t-shirts yet?"  I looked at him innocently, shrugged my shoulders and told him I'd been busy (that's not a lie, by the way) and that I'd get to it soon enough.  I also kindly suggested he choose any number of other wonderful attire in his closet.  My mission had been accomplished.  I returned them to his closet the very next day.  He is none the wiser.

2.   Driving along to preschool the other day, Owen says to me, out of the blue, "Mommy, God must have a really big head to keep all that information in there."  I believe sometime earlier in the day I might have answered the question of, "Mommy, does God really know everything?"

3.   Monday night, Owen crashed his brother's scooter and tore up his knee.  (Those knee pads really do a lot of good in the garage.)  Oh the drama that ensued following the crash.  It's a wonder he didn't insist on calling 911.  This is the result:
4.   Tuesday night, Evan crashed his bike and tore up his knee and elbow.  I am still wondering if we shouldn't have made a trip to Urgent Care.  It's ugly.  Major road rash.  A huge scab is in Evan's near future and a nice little scar to show his kids someday too.  Here is the result:

5.   This morning at breakfast, I told Jenna that when she got home from school she was to sit down on the couch and stay there the entire night until it was time to go to bed.  I wasn't having her busting her knee up as well.  Jenna got off the bus today, walked into the house and went straight to the couch, and then she grinned at me and pointed at her knee.  A bandaid!  Can you believe it?  Someone tripped her at school today during the Walk-A-Thon!  Though her wound only required a regular bandage as opposed to the ridiculously huge ones her brothers are sporting.  This is her part:
6.   I'm afraid to leave the house tomorrow.  Maybe I can use this as an excuse to sit on the couch all day and watch the "Today Show" and "The View" and "Days of Our Lives" and "Ellen" and "Oprah."  I don't want to risk injury.  After all, I don't receive any sick days or workman's comp.

7.   Moving on.  Evan has not been sent to the Principal's office but he is going to the Principal's house.  He has become good friends with his Middle School Principal's son this year and has been invited to a sleepover tomorrow night.  I went to school with a Principal's son all through high school.  He was quite the character.  I've instructed Evan to be on his absolute, very best behavior.  Mmm-hmmm...

8.   I have coffee cake in the oven right now for tomorrow's breakfast.  The house smells really good.  I might have to sample a teensy corner tonight - you know, to make sure it's okay for the others to eat in the morning.

9.   Jenna made Student Council this year.  You've never seen a child smile so big as she did the day they voted!  Yah, Jenna.  This is just the beginning of your service work throughout life.  I just know it!

10.   Owen's job at preschool this week is "Door Holder."  He said he got to hold the door only once today. "Snack Helper" is a much more prestigious job.  It'll be his someday.  Oh, yes.  It will be his.

That about wraps up my endless drivel.  I truly hope I haven't wasted your time.  Owen and I are going to be in the kitchen tomorrow morning.  Stay tuned!

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