Monday, November 15, 2010

A Paper Me!

The other morning, I had a few time-sensitive things that needed my attention.  Guilt and knowing-better prevent me from letting Owen watch endless television to keep him busy and my concentration centered.  I knew I needed a busy project...or two for him, so I could keep my sanity and get my work done.  I'm so easily distracted and it drives me nuts to have constant "Mommy-this and Mommy-that," while I am trying to focus on something.

Not long ago I had a print framed at Michael's and the finished product was wrapped up tighter than Fort Knox in brown Kraft paper.  When I brought the picture home, I knew that big huge monstrously large piece of paper would come in handy, so I saved it.

And this is what we/he/I did with it: 

Okay, I can see here where he is attempting to make the eight that is on his shirt.  Very impressive, I am thinking.  But what in the heck is going on with his face?!


Nice - keeping with the blue jeans and you don't know this, but there really is orange on the bottom of his socks!  Nice attention to detail, Owen!

We then proceeded to cut out the life-sized-Owen, upon which he declared that he wanted to hang it on his bedroom door.  "Really?  Are you sure you want to do that?" I ask.  "Yes, yes I do," he answers in his Phineas and Ferb state-of-mind.  Sooo, out comes the tape.  Lots and lots of tape.  Good thing his Aunt Shelly works for 3M and we can get loads of tape for next-to-nothing.

Owen seems so much bigger in paper form.
I have to admit something.  Owen's bedroom is at the top of the stairs in our house, and every time I happen to walk by and glance up the stairway, if his door is closed, I get a bit spooked.  It feels like someone is standing up there and looking down at me.  That paper person can't come down soon enough.  Perhaps we can swap it out for a Christmas decoration in a few weeks.


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