Saturday, November 13, 2010

Petal Bags

I've never been big on purses.  There are some women that have a closet full of purses, hand bags, totes, etc.  They are usually the same women who I imagine own a lot of shoes too.  Conversely, I don't have a huge shoe collection either.  For the most part, I'm a minimalist when it comes to fashion.  I'd rather have a few really good, well-made classic pieces than a closet packed full of the latest trends.  Add to that, I am a stay-at-home Mom.  How many clothes do I need to attend a PTO meeting, buy groceries and go to church?!

About two years ago, I won $50 from a contest.  I blogged about how I spent the money.  It was actually one of my very first blog posts.  I spent the money on a new purse that was on sale.  Many months later, I saw a purse that I liked by the same designer.  I loved the color and style so I put it on my Christmas wish list.  I casually emailed a link to Kevin showing him local retailers that carried that line.  He took the bait, bought me the purse, and I have been using it ever since last December.

Around about February, I had a meeting with my friend, Carrie Schaefer, to plan a new year of activities for the Cloverbuds of a local 4-H Club in our community that our kids are a part of.  During the course of our brainstorming session, Carrie shared with me that she makes purses.  Thinking it was a hobby and nothing more, I remembered a former co-worker of mine that used to (and may still, for all I know) make purses and had some for sale in a local boutique.  Carrie went on to tell me she was in the process of setting up an account with Etsy to sell her purses online.  "Whoa!", I'm thinking, "This is more than just a hobby!"  Carrie promised to send me the link to Petalbags so I could take a peak.  She did and I did and I was really impressed. 

Carrie uses Amy Butler fabrics.  Amy Butler is a local designer out of Granville, OH who infuses bold colors and impactful designs into her fabrics.  They are nothing short of beautiful.  Using these fabrics and the combinations Carrie puts together is stunning, to say the least.

I promised my friend, that my next purse would be purchased from her.  Since Kevin had just gifted a new (and pricey!) purse to me, and the fact that I am not a big "purse person," I just couldn't justify making the purchase at the time.  This fall, while watching our girls play soccer, I told Carrie I was ready for a new purse.  What luck!  She had just gotten in some new fabrics!  We scheduled a meeting time and we walked into her sewing room stacked to the ceiling with every color under the rainbow.  First, I decided on the style and size that I wanted.  That was the easy part.  Now, which color?  What combination?  It was so hard to choose!  Finally, I settled on the fabrics and patiently waited for that email to say, "Your purse is ready!"
The perfect size to carry all of my necessities!
Love the smooth metal piece allowing
for an adjustable strap! 
Beautiful splash of coordinating solid fabric on the inside.

I was over the very next day and couldn't wait to tear open the bag to see my new Petal purchase.  I love this purse!  It's really pretty and the style is so practical.  I love the splash of color and the adjustable strap so I can cross it over for hands-free shopping and not worry about it sliding off my shoulder when I'm out and about this holiday season.

I look forward to watching Carrie's home business grow.  I'm so proud of my friends and their many talents.  I am surrounded by some truly magnificent women!

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