Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Keeping it Brief

This post will be short and sweet.  I anticipated that I would be posting very little during the summer months.  The opportunities for me to think clearly and uninterrupted are few and far between with a house full of kids.  It's a success for me if I remember to write down on my shopping list the fact that I have just run out of deodorant.  Not a good thing when we're scoring 90 degree + weather day in and day out.

Last Sunday, we joyfully celebrated Owen's 6th birthday with family.  It seems like yesterday that our youngest joined the Buckeye Five...of course, we were the Buckeye Four at the time.

Monday was a relaxing Fourth of July and the evening spent with friends enjoying our small town's spectacular fireworks display was a great way to end the day.  Happy Birthday America!

Tuesday was Owen's actual birthday and I've never seen a child be so excited to celebrate another year older.  Owen had been counting down his birthday for easily two months.  Every night, my little guy would cross one more day off his calendar, slowly making his way, one day at a time, to the big day.

And here we are now, on what is supposed to be a "Wordless Wednesday."  I keep telling myself that 'once we get through fill-in-the-blank things won't be so crazy.'  Trouble is...there's always a fill-in-the-blank!  Evan and Jenna's baseball and softball tournaments will end this weekend.  Next is the county fair and wrapping up Jenna's 4-H projects.  There will finally be a small break, aside from vacation bible school at our church for a whole week in August, before it will be time to begin planning for the start of a new school year.  And we didn't even take a vacation this summer!

Alright, I must sign off.  My family is waiting for me to leave for Evan's baseball game.

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