Monday, December 19, 2011

About Christmas, A List

  1. Saying Merry Christmas to everyone even though I know it isn't PC to do so.
  2. Eating special cookies that I only make for the holidays.  If I made them any other time of the year, they wouldn't be as special.
  3. Imagining the excitement and smiles on my kids' faces on Christmas morning while I am wrapping their presents.
  4. Our church Christmas Eve service.  No greater memories are to be made than those of our children re-enacting the manger scene with all of their church friends.
  5. Digging out the many, many boxes of decorations and ornaments from the basement storage room and seeing, once again, all of the wonderful works of art my children have created, first at preschool and up through their elementary school years.
  6. Never getting tired of watching A Charlie Brown Christmas on television.
  7. Having my parents over for dinner on Christmas Eve for a pot of chili and corn bread after our church services.
  8. Going out for dinner on any given night in December and then driving through the upper tax bracket neighborhoods to see their beautiful light displays.
  9. Driving in and out of our own neighborhood and seeing our friends' homes lit up too!
  10. Celebrating Christ's birth and reading from the Bible with my family.

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