Saturday, December 10, 2011

Is Your Family's Home "Smart?"

I read a blurb recently that was written by the Create and Learn! editors at Disney Family Fun.  I'm not sure if their on-staff "experts" or some researchers came up with this list, but I agree with it, none the less.  I'm hardly an expert, but I am a seasoned mother of three with children ranging in age from 11 on down to 6. 
The information provided shared a list of "Six Must-Haves For Engaged, Creative Children."
Here's the list:
  • Dictionary
  • Table for jigsaw puzzles
  • Brain-boosting library
  • Domino set
  • Special reading spot
  • World map
I'm happy to report that we have all of the items on the list in our home. 

Are all three of my children overly advanced students with insanely high IQ's?

No.  They are not.  But I'd like to think that some of what we do around the house with some of the things on this list have sure helped them be creative, quizzical, outgoing, self-assured young people.  And it's just an added bonus that they get pretty good grades too.

If you're stumped for something educational to get your children for a Christmas present, maybe you could pick up one of the items on the list.  Personally, I've been wanting to add a globe to our home for a few years now and I keep putting it off.  I'm sure that once I make the purchase, several country names in the eastern Hemisphere will change and it will be outdated!

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