Monday, January 2, 2012

Pie Pilgrimage 2012

I really labored over this one. 

True.  My first inclination was to tackle pies in 2012.  It only seemed natural to step from cookies to cakes to pies. 

But then, I said to myself,

"Why does it have to be a dessert?"

So then I began to consider bread and pastries of all sorts that were included in the bread family. 

Then I had a fast-forward image of July heat and the oven on for great lengths of time and that idea was quickly erased from mind.

Then I became thoughtful about side dishes.  I'm not big on them in my kitchen.  A typical side dish in our house is some brown rice, salad or steamed veggies. I tend to keep it simple and focus my time and attention on the main dish.

A couple of weeks ago, Kevin asked me what was going to be next and I shared my quandary with him.  Oldest son, Evan, was listening in and put the kibosh on the side dish idea, paid no attention to the bread idea, and zeroed in on his favorite dessert of all time (next to brownies) - P. I. E.

I offered my concerns over baking pie so regularly and the weight I might gain. 

"Nonsense!" was the general consensus.

"It's only once a month," my dear husband rationalized. 

Then I realized I could investigate twists on the whole pie thing.

A tart here, a quiche there.

Both savory and sweet will be explored.

Webster's Dictionary defines a pilgrimage as a long journey.  That doesn't really sound very encouraging or even the least bit enjoyable.  I will admit, however, that pie-baking and I have not always had the greatest relationship.  The crust is what trips me up time and time again. 

Mixing it up without over-mixing so it isn't tough.

Rolling it out without it sticking to the counter and peeling apart when you go to lift it into the pan.

I could go on.  Then I thought about all of the different kinds of crusts there are out there (and not just the ones Pillsbury very kindly sells in the refrigerated section at Kroger's!). 

You've got your graham cracker crust.  You've got your shortbread crust.  You've got your cream cheese crust.  And then, yes, the very handy puff pastry that sometimes serves as a crust for tarts and the like. 

So, that's what is in store for me in the new year and it's what I'll be sharing on here.  Be ready for some flukes and blunders here and there.  Remember - I never proclaim to be an expert. 

I am a student, always learning.


  1. Oh my I was talking to Kayla about what you might do next. Seems she said something about pie. Or I brought it up and said it wouldn't be pie. " Why? Pie is so good." said Kayla. Well April has had a problem in that line, so prove me wrong and tackle it strong. After all what does Evan say...."I love PIE!!

  2. I was going to make the first installment yesterday, but then you gave me some more leftover Christmas cookies and a friend dropped off some Oreo truffles. It's on hold until the sugar content of our house depletes a bit more. I had to get Jenna some coffee "medicine" today. She feels much better now...ha ha


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