Monday, March 12, 2012

I Made It Monday! Shamrock Wreath

This shamrock wreath is my newest holiday decoration for our front door.  I saved an idea I had seen on another blog called Running With Glitter where a shabby chic heart-shaped wreath was created using the same method I used here.  I had already decided on a different method for creating a heart-shaped wreath for Valentine's Day, so I decided to use this method for a shamrock-shaped wreath.

After a stop at Joann's to pick out 1/2 yard each of three different green colored fabrics, I brought it home and ripped the strips into lengths of approximately one inch wide by four inches long.  To rip the fabric, just snip it where you want it and then rip the rest of the way.  That helps the fabric threads to fray, thusly creating what is referred to as a "shabby" look.

I had an extra large wire hanger that I shaped into a very crude shamrock shape.  I used wire cutters to snip off the curved hanger part and them rigged up the bottom (stem part) of the shamrock with some duct tape.  It didn't really matter how ugly it was at that point because I knew it would all be covered up with the pieces of fabric.

Fold the pieces of material over length-wise with the "right" side facing out and then just go around the wire form tying the pieces on.  You will need a lot of these pieces of fabric because you'll want to pack them in tight to really fill it in. 

I will admit that it didn't really look like a shamrock when I was done.  I hung it up and then took a pair of scissors to just cut and trim here and there to help define the shape a little more.  A longer piece of fabric tied at the top and I was ready to hang on my front door!

I know it looks a bit Christmasy since our front door is red.  But I like it anyway.  And thankfully, no birds have tried to build a nest in this one!  Yah!

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