Thursday, March 8, 2012

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Take a look at this picture.
Tell me.  Is there anything wrong with it?
Is there anything missing?

Come a little closer.
Do you see that open emptiness where my our microwave used to be?

Have you ever, in todays' American modern times, ever tried to function through more than one day without your microwave?

Or let me serve it to you another way.
Are you aware of how much you use your microwave?
I knew I used it a lot, but try to get through four days without one and you become PAINFULLY AWARE of how much you use and need the microwave.

Ours died on us after 10 wonderful years of faithful service on a Friday morning.  I'm able to manage the meals of the day without it thinking that Kevin will come home from work, tinker with it, and all will be right in the world.

No such luck.  And on top of this major inconvenience, I come down with a debilitating head cold that renders me pretty much useless for the entire weekend, making it impossible for me to head of to Lowe's to pick out and purchase a new microwave.

Thankfully, I was coherent enough by Monday to make a quick choice (interesting how in desperation, decisions become so much easier to make!) and, lucky for me, the one I wanted was in-stock!  

So, now I'm back in business.
Need anything warmed up?!

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